The most important task of any house remodeling project is to find the right remodeler. Luxury Home Improvements (LHI) is a company that provides every type of remodeling that you need to maintain and improve your home. Review the types of services that you can hire our LHI providers to handle for you.

Bathroom Remodeling

There are certain factors to consider before remodeling a bathroom. First, decide the extent of the remodeling you want done and if you want to replace fixtures, add a window, leave the shower alone, etc. Focus on the repairs that you need done before you work on the renovations. The most important and expensive task could be to unclog or replace any piping in the bathroom. You can consult with our professional before your bathroom remodeling in Main Line to make sure you are doing what’s best for your home. Plan on repairing or replacing the fixtures that could break down in a few years before you focus on making the room more attractive.

Kitchen Remodeling

After the living room, the kitchen has the highest amount of usage that causes severe wear and tear. The fridge runs nonstop all day long, and other appliances are used every day. Remodeling the kitchen starts by restoring the floor to its original function and appearance. This is especially important to prevent injuries to people who constantly walk through the kitchen. When broken floorboards are found, some kitchen owners replace the entire floor with a stronger, laminated material.

One of our services is to repaint and restore the cabinetry. There are hundreds of standard and custom designs to choose from. Another option is to replace the countertop with a stronger material, like granite, marble or quartz, and others, for greater durability.

Carpentry Repairs and Restoration

Carpentry covers a wide range of services for doors, windows, cabinets, mantels, and other built structures. Our carpenters can do hundreds of tasks, such as fix older doors, repair walls and install baseboards. Our team can provide repairs to your home with our professional carpentry services in Main Line

Basement Remodeling

A basement is easy to have but difficult to maintain. Even if you never use it, if there’s a big leak, this part of the house can acquire damages that total tens of thousands of dollars. Basement remodeling is another LHI service that includes any service you want, whether it’s wall repainting, insulation, or the installation of new appliances.

Every homeowner has remodeling ideas that need to be put into action. At LHI, we specialize in interior and exterior painting in addition to remodeling for the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. Increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home by hiring one of our providers at LHI.