Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper can be a challenging project for even the most experienced professional. Without training, it is difficult to know the proper procedures to follow during the removal process, and what it takes to properly prepare the final surface for painting. If the removal process is not done correctly, the walls could be damaged, or the surface area may have wallpaper paste residue, spackle lines, or even a buildup of dirt and dust that will affect the final painting application.

Wallpaper Removal in West Chester, PA

Wallpaper Removal in Exton, PA

How We Do It

LHI Wallpaper Removal service follows a rigorous process that ensures the treated surface area will be smooth and clean. It starts with scoring the wallpaper and applying a gel solution with warm water to loosen the material. A steaming approach may also be used depending on the level of adhesiveness and age of the wallpaper. The surface is thoroughly washed to ensure no solution is left on the wall. These steps minimize the amount of spackling required on each project.

Our unique Festool technology allows for orbital sanding equipment to be connected to a state of the art, one of a kind HEPA certified vacuum system. This ensures each project will be completed with minimal dust while sanding surfaces to their ultimate smoothness prior to wallpaper removal. The extraordinary results LHI delivers are not possible using traditional means.

These services are offered by the hour due to the custom nature of each project.

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