Mother nature wreaks havoc on your deck with weather, dirt and debris. Your indoor woodwork is affected by everyday wear and tear, time, sunlight dulling, and other marring. LHI Staining service features a full suite of capabilities to maximize, protect, and beautify your home.

Staircase Staining

Hallway and Stair Wood Staining in West Chester, PA

How We Do It

LHI Staining service works to beautify and protect your exterior deck, or interior woodwork pieces. Decks can be completely refreshed, repaired, or refinished with LHI power wash, repair and staining services. Interior woodwork can be refreshed or restored to its original luster by our expert craftsmen. Our skilled professionals are also experienced in historic homes and woodwork restoration.

Our unique Festool technology allows for orbital sanding equipment to be connected to a state of the art, one of a kind HEPA certified vacuum system. This ensures each project will be completed with minimal dust while sanding surfaces to their ultimate smoothness prior to staining. The extraordinary results LHI Painting delivers are not possible using traditional means.

Various techniques are used in the staining application, such as rollers for decks, rags for spindles, and brushes for woodwork.

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