The last thing that you should look for in a painting contractor in Berwyn, PA is a cheap price. This professional has to be licensed and insured before they can provide quality services. There are various factors to consider as you choose the right paint contractor.

Check the Training and Experience

There are different types of contractors that exist. Some are freelance and work all on their own, while others are members of small or large companies. Neither type is better than the other. The contractor’s quality level of work is based on the amount of training and years of experience.

Ask for Referrals

Ask a family member, friend or coworker for a referral. You may know someone who recently purchased a house or completed a home renovation project in the past. You may be able to have one person refer you to a reliable painting contractor.

Read Customer Reviews

Receiving a referral is not enough to get a good answer. Read the most recent reviews made by customers. Look for details about the contractor’s skill, courtesy, timeliness and other qualities.

Check the Online Reputation

In addition to checking the customer reviews, review the company’s rating on a consumer protection agency like the Better Business Bureau. They collect lists of complaints that are made against certain businesses.

Check the Credentials

A professional painter should be properly licensed, insured and bonded to protect clients from scams and property damages. Look on a government agency’s website to check if a professional’s license is valid. These credentials are necessary to avoid going to court over minor damages; instead, you file a claim through the insurance company.

Compare Estimates

Compare the rates that are being offered by different contractors. Each one should provide you an accurate estimate that includes estimated costs and deadlines. The more details you give, such as the room size, the more accurate the estimate.

Review Services

You don’t have to use every service that the contractor provides. Just look for the services that you need specifically. Choose two or more contractors to work for you, if necessary. Make sure that their skills match the project requirements.

Everyone has seen what a bad paint job looks like. Bulges appear in paint that is applied unevenly, and if the paint dries and cracks, it starts to peel. Finding an experienced contractor is necessary to prevent a simple painting project from becoming a series of expensive repairs. Know what to expect of a quality painting contractor and do your research effectively.