Transforming the Exterior of Your Home

If you feel like the exterior of your home could use with some freshening up, then a new coat of paint could do the trick. You can completely transform how your home looks with a new coat of paint. At LHI Painting, we help homeowners find the perfect shade of paint that will transform their home and offer professional painters in Glen Mills, PA. When you want to freshen up your home, consider these five trending exterior paint colors.

1. Black and White

While white homes may be considered boring, some homeowners are completely changing that belief. By using black as accents and trim, the white and black color scheme is taking people by storm. It’s bold, sleek, and modern. This color scheme can transform your home into one of stately sophistication.

2. Gradients

Another trendy exterior paint is the use of gradients of the same color. An example of this might be brown. You may use a light tan color for your siding, but then a darker brown for shutters and trim. You may even use medium brown to create highlights in certain areas.

The use of gradients keeps the eye fresh as it appreciates the exterior of your home. It’s also an easy way to stick with a certain aesthetic like modern, contemporary, rustic, and so on.

3. Earthy Tones

Everyone is loving the warm feeling that earth tones give. If you want your home to make people feel right at home, then using certain tans and greens can make your home appear inviting. You’ll also want to use a color that contrasts for your trim to help bring out the earthy tones instead of making it appear flat.

4. Shades of Blue

Perhaps you’ve seen the deep blues of certain homes. While dark navy and other shades of darker blue are still trendy, as are lighter shades. The color blue, essentially, is definitely something that everyone is loving right now. You can also throw in cream and white to help break it up and contrast the blue.

5. Deep Red

One final surprising trendy exterior paint is red. Deep and dark red is making its round across homes everywhere. When coupled with a bright white for trim, red houses look bold and daring. Homeowners can also take advantage of the fact that red homes hardly ever go out of style.

Find the Right Paint Color for Your Home

A lot of thought should be put into the paint color for the exterior of your home. Consider elements like the roof and trim to make your home stand out from the rest. Give our team a call. We can help you begin.